Hayes Court Care Home

Home for the Community Intermediate Care Service (CICS)

Welcome to our home

Hayes Court was originally a private Victorian Residence built in 1870. Set in the wooded hills of Surrey, Hayes Court is a privately owned registered Nursing, Residential home and Rehabilitation centre. The home was established in spring 1967, providing a broad spectrum of care for 56 elderly residents. Our aim is always to create for residents a warm and friendly atmosphere, where their wishes are the first consideration. To this end we encourage visiting on a flexible and easy arrangement.  

All our rooms are designed to cater for residential or nursing clients and have either en suite toilets or wetroom facilities. Each room has a nurse call system available for individual needs. There are three spacious sitting rooms, either with or without television, including a visitor's lounge with a library corner and a separate conservatory with views across the garden. The garden is easily accessible and provides safe walking areas and secluded seating under a pergola. There is a spacious dinning area with room for all our residents. There are two four person lifts that service all floors. A fully certified fire warning system is operational throughout the building.  

Care is provided 24 hours a day by a team of Nursing Professionals and experienced Care Assistants. Visiting Chiropodists, Dentists and Opticians provide NHS or private treatment as desired. G.P.'s may arrange domicillary visits by Specialists/Consultants, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists to provide ongoing care in a homely environment. 

  Proudly a member of the Registered Nursing Homes Association.