Our Management

Registered Manager: Thomas Sturgess BA hons

Thomas has many years experience in care home management. He oversees the running of the home with the support of the management team. He is caring and approachable and will go above and beyond for his residence and their family members.

Deputy Manager: Gemma Tough

Gemma started working at Hayes Court in 2008. Gemma is responsible for the staff organisation and the care of the residents carried out at Hayes Court. Gemma works closely with the Gold Standards Framework to optimize end of life care.

Quality Assurance Manager: Shanna Chapman

Shanna has over 20 years experience working as a carer predominatly at Hayes Court as well as acting deputy Manager at Ingleside. Shanna is responsible for all activities in the home and the presentation of the physical environment. 

Clinical Lead Nurse: Pillay Sockalingham

Pillay started working at Hayes Court at the end of 2008. His duties include providing leadership and supervision to the nursing staff as well as advising the Managers on clinical matters. 

Medications Manager: Beverlie Morgan

Beverlie joined us on 2017 having worked for 12 years in Pharmacy. Her duties include medication management and auditing.

Our Registered Nurses

We have 6 permanent Registered Nurses who provide the clinical care that is required by individuals within the comfort of Hayes Court. They create person centered care plans focusing on the residents individual needs. Our nurses work by gaining the trust and confidence of each resident. This then extends to developing a good relationship with the residents relatives to ensure a unique person centered care. They also promote good health and well being through education. 

Our Care Staff

We have over 35 permanent care staff who are dedicated with providing individualised care to our residents. All our care staff are trained according to CQC guidelines. They bring a friendly atmosphere that the residents all enjoy. Our care staff also work with a key worker system which allows them to deal with individual requests or needs that arise throughout the residents stay.