Hayes Court Care home

Set in a historic home in the wooded hills in Kenley, Hayes Court is a substantial Victorian villa built in 1870 by William Hall. The house was a private residence until 1939 when it was requisitioned as officers accommodation for RAF Kenley.

For over 50 years since 1965 our family has been providing personalised nursing, residential and rehabilitation care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Highly trained staff provide the best level of care and whilst we recognise there will be personal challenges along the way we are determined to meet them with you with kindness and compassion. We place your happiness at the heart of everything we do.

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The home’s spacious Victorians interiors provide elegant living spaces including three large lounges,dining room, garden lounge and a conservatory. A hairdressing saloon is operational weekly. We provide a variable menu of three meals a day that can cater for all dietary needs and we operate a full laundry service. A weekly programme of activities allows residents to partake in a variety of events and are encouraged to attend monthly resident meetings. There are mature gardens accessible to wheelchair users where residents can relax and enjoy a barbecue in the summer months.

The bedrooms at Hayes Court are predominately single with all having their own en-suite facilities. The rooms are fitted with a new nurse call bell system as well as digital television, internet access and phone points if needed. All rooms are individually decorated and we encourage residents to bring their own belongings to customise their new home. Access to all floors is provided by a passenger lift or via stairs. 


Proprietor: Dr Michael Sturgess MB BCH. Michael has been at Hayes Court since 1972 and has 48 years’ experience overseeing all aspects of the home.

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Tom New Crop

Registered Manager: Tom Sturgess BA Hons. Tom has been the manager of Hayes Court since 2005 and is responsible for the running of the home.

Deputy Manager: Gemma Tough. Gemma has been at Hayes Court since 2008 and is responsible for planning and organisingäin staff as well as supporting the manager, Tom.

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Lead Nurse: S Pillay Jagambrun RN. Pillay has been the lead nurse since 2008. He has a nursing degree from the University of Essex has experience in hospital and care home nursing. He oversees the requirements for residents at Hayes Court.

Quality Assurance Manager: Shanna White. Shanna has worked at Hayes Court for over 30 years as a carer, senior carer, and manager. Her role is to oversee care planning and support the qualified nursing team.

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Medications Manager: Beverlie Morgan. Beverlie joined us in 2017. She has 12 years of experience in Pharmacy and oversees medication management and auditing in the home, as well as assisting with admissions and liaising with the Life Team.

Care Co-Ordinator: Tracey Barter. Tracey joined Hayes Court in 2005 as a carer with particular experience in rehabilitation care. Her role is to supervise the care staff and ensure high-quality patient care.

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Secretary: Anne Kerrigan. Anne has been managing invoicing and finance at Hayes Court for over 25 years. She has a broad knowledge of the sector with many connections in local authorities and NHS trusts.

In addition to this, we have a fantastic group of care and domestic staff from all parts of the world.

The care staff at Hayes Court receive NTO approved induction training, and the majority of carers have completed their NVQ2 in social care.
There are always Registered General Nurses on duty to provide round the clock care to our clients.


We accept privately funded and Council funded residents

  • Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Intermediate Care
  • Palliative Care


If you are coming to join us for rehabilitation care we would like to welcome you and provide you with a few tips to ease you into your stay.

Our staff have been working alongside the LIFE team since 2008 and are trained to support and motivate you to become as independent as possible before returning home.

You will be encouraged to build up your strength in a safe and supportive environment with the assistance of physiotherapists and occupational therapists working alongside our staff under the guidance of the community consultant doctor and local GP. A social worker will also be allocated to you to facilitate you discharge home and any additional care package you may require.

The average stay at Hayes Court is two weeks but this will depend on how you are progressing and plans that are made with your agreement.

Family and friends are welcome to visit daily from 3-7pm and can bring any food or other small items that will make your stay comfortable. Please ensure all your clothing is clearly labelled as your items will be laundered in a commercial laundry and placed in dryers.

You will enjoy your own room with ensuite toilet and television provided. All your meals will be provided and you will be offered a menu choice daily. We are not liable for items lost during your stay so please avoid bringing valuables where possible.

Please relax and enjoy your stay. We are here to help you get the strength to return to your home as soon as possible. You will be asked to do as much as you can yourself, but be aware of your limits and always as for assistance when required.

On discharge home you will be provided with transport and two weeks medication. Any medical changes will be notified to your GP and the LIFE team will continue to support you at home.




Steps to success – Delivering and evidencing quality end of life care at Hayes Court.

It is often difficult to know when a person is approaching the last year of their life. Our staff try to identify various clinical triggers that indicate that someone may be entering the last stage of their life. Good assessment of skills are essential to allow us to identify their personal preferences and choices, and monitor the effectiveness of decisions that are made.

Whilst the unexpected can happen, planning care and thinking ahead about what a person may need or want can undoubtedly enhance the quality of their care. 

We review our residents regularly and discuss any changes and conditions with our Multidisciplinary team, to allow us to identify needs and respond in a Holistic way.


"Making a choice of this nature for a loved one every family dreads but we needn't have worried as Hayes Court is the most wonderful caring place ever and mum is flourishing there - she has made lots of friends, has great entertainment, superb meals and is surrounded by a care team who can only be described as the most inspiring and amazing people I have ever met."
Roland Moore
"My Dad had such a great time with you, I miss you so all much, you made it so easy for me two years on and I miss you all xx"
Sarah Bowles
"All of the staff are so kind, caring and helpful."
Rachael Dugig
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